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Curmudgeonly London-based NHS bean counter. Politically and footballingly red and a founder member and co-owner of FC United of Manchester. Bite sized versions of this miserabilism can also be viewed at @jonathanallsopp on Twitter.

  1. Prakash Shankar permalink

    Inspiringly insightful blog, made me reconsider quitting my job as a Consultant psychiatrist equally disillusioned with loss of public service ethos that had attracted me to the NHS in the first place. Congratulations at the courage to ‘come out’. Wish there were more like you to effect the change we all aspire for!

    • Thanks Prakash, appreciate your comments. I think there are plenty of NHS finance people who feel the same way. But we need to overcome any fears about speaking out and get the “people not profits” message across before it’s too late.

  2. Thanks for your article in the Guardian, very insightful and I too wish there were more like you! (I was an NHS admin temp at two different trusts around 2009-2011 and was baffled at the feeling of apathy among clinical and non-clinical alike towards Lansley’s impending bill as it drew near).

  3. Rachel Foster permalink

    I have just come across your blog via the guardian. I work as the clinical interface between medical companies & clinicians in operating theatres at an australian hospital (I’m a nurse) and feel we are heading to make the same mistakes that I see identified in your article. It beggars belief that Australian politicians continually fail to analyse & learn from the lessons other countries have gone through but its a sad fact. I look forward to more from you!

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