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Two hot chocolates please


images-79Many moons ago we drove up to Dumfries. It was 1997. I know it was deffo ’97 as, for part of the journey, we listened to Oasis’s new album Be Here Now as we zoomed up the M6. I’d bought the CD the day before and taped it so that we could listen to it in the car. It had been out for a few weeks and the NME had trumpeted its arrival with a gushing ten out of ten review. We were easily impressed back in those days; Blair, Oasis, the peoples’ princess etc. We played it once and then pushed the tape back in and played it again but the second time around it still sounded like a load of overblown pub-rock toss. The cassette player spat it out again and that was that. 3 out of 10 at best.

We pressed on northwards, over the border and eventually arrived at our destination; a B&B on the outskirts of the tiny village of Auchencairn. That night as we headed back from the village’s only pub, refreshed by a few pints of eighty shilling, we needed a torch to guide us back to the guest house. The following morning we drove along winding country lanes through a rolling landscape of lush, dew drenched fields and dairy farms to the local town Kirkcudbright (it’s pronounced Ker-koo-bree) and wandered round the town centre before a downpour had us diving for cover.

We ended up in a cafe and ordered a couple of hot chocolates. It was that sort of day. One of those lovely, bright and breezy autumnal mornings with clouds scudding across the sky, occasionally depositing their precipitation before moving on and leaving the sun to it again. As we sat by the window and lingered over our steaming mugs of chocolate, the rain stopped, the clouds galloped on and the sun reappeared and bathed the surrounding streets in a golden glow and we looked and smiled at each other as if to say “it’s alright for a Monday morning this isn’t it”. No words were necessary; simply to be here now, in the moment, with someone very special is truly wonderful. A lovely moment in a lifetime full of moments, some of them shared, some of them not. We’d probably fiddle with our phones now and miss it.

As the greens turn to brown and the mornings get chillier and September eases into October it reminds me of them two hot chocolates.



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