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Urban Rush 2016



Apologies folks, I don’t normally do this online charity thing but tomorrow (Sunday 2nd October) I’m running in a race to raise a few bob for Shelter, the charity that works to find those who are homeless or in temporary housing a decent home. Unless you wander round with your eyes closed you can’t help but notice the increased number of people sleeping rough on the streets of towns and cities across the country. In addition, there are thousands struggling to get by in hostels, B&Bs or kipping down on the floor at a mate’s house. It’s something most of us take for granted, having a place called home to return to at the end of the day; somewhere safe and a foundation on which we build the rest of our lives. But imagine it wasn’t there and that foundation was removed from under us. It could happen to any of us. The government doesn’t give a shit, there are not enough votes in it for them, so unfortunately it falls to charities like Shelter to fill the gap where a caring government should be.

Anyway, to be more specific, tomorrow I’m taking part in (along with more than 500 others) something called Urban Rush 2016 (not to be confused with Ian Rush, the moustachioed former Liverpool centre forward); it’s a 15 mile run across London, from east to west, starting in the Olympic Park and finishing on the banks of the Thames in Putney. It’s an event specifically set up to raise money for Shelter and aims to raise, in total, more than £125,000. My own aim, as part of this collective effort, is to raise at least £225. There’s a link to my fundraising page below which you can click on. As you can see it’s not been very busy so far because I’m utterly hopeless at this fund raising malarkey but if you can spare anything, no matter how small, to help what I think is a decent cause then I would be very grateful. I may even stretch to giving you a nice big hug the next time we meet (but no kissing). Thanks very much.


Urban Rush 2016 Jonathan Allsopp’s fundraising page


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